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The Golden Years


“It’s perspective, not age, that matters the most”.  Being Mortal, Dr Atul Gawande.

This is a creative response to a series of inclusive arts-based research workshops held at The Shoreham Centre with a group of people over 75 years old.

The aim of the project was to explore how inclusive arts practices can support people over 75 to use their hands to promote an increased sense of wellbeing. We explored the different ways that hands can be used to touch and manipulate materials during weaving, calligraphy and acrylic ink, collage, drawing and clay activities. The materials and processes offered an opportunity to explore, play, learn, make marks and experiment using the hands, and gave space to form new perspectives on age and art. 

During the sessions I became more aware of a creative life force energy within the room, and how seeing our hands-as-tools could unlock this.

My creative response has been a collection of findings. A collection of materials, objects and ideas seen through multiple lenses.  My aim in my research has been to embrace the various lenses, various perspectives and use all the senses to look through the lens at something which is evolving, and can't be measured. 


Medicine Box 
Choices (microscope slides)
Variety Image.png
Materials under the microscope
Bottles of experience 
Exploring up close
life force.jpg
Bottle of life force (Seawater)
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