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I offer the following services:
Bespoke drawings/paintings:
  • If you supply an image for me to work from I can draw or paint to your specification.
  • If you would like a bespoke painting in acrylic ink with gold or silver leaf, I can work from a place, photograph or idea.
  • The average cost of a painting is £250-£350 depending on size. 
Inclusive Arts workshops Individual
  • I can deliver 1.5hr inclusive arts workshops either online or in person. I would initially meet to discuss the specification, venue and cost which includes canvas and all materials. 
Inclusive Arts workshops Group
  • I can come and set up a session for up to 10 people if you have tables and chairs and a space available.
  • Cost to be agreed following consultation. 


"The workshops were very relaxing and life enhancing. It is a most enjoyable group. I feel better for coming.

Emma is a brilliant faciliator". Mary Tilling 

"I looked forward to coming to the workshops. 

It is a really good place to come, and the right environment for making art". Michael Anderson

"Wonderful teaching, a very generous spirit". Elaine Freed

"Emma's workshops have been amazing. She is excellent at explaining and helping on all topics. Thoroughly enjoyed the group which worked well. Can't wait for the next one". Barbara Wood

"If you haven't been, it must be done". I would definitely recommend Emma's workshops. Brian Paterson

Emma's inspirational art class has helped me enormously deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially during the pandemic. My wellbeing has been greatly enhanced and I am more confident to get out and about". Sue

"Emma introduced a variety of art materials and projects with enthusiasm and support". Geoff Howitt

"Brilliant workshops. Thank you Emma for organising the workshops, which were well thought out, kindly presented and encouraging". Lucy Bailey

"Emma has been very friendly and helpful throughout the course and is a relaxing person to experience new challenges with". Rita Chakraborty 

"Emma has been an extremely patient teacher and all through this course has enhanced my wellbeing and is giving me new skills. When is the next course!" Anita Cooke

A very enjoyable experience for those of us who don't usually dabble with paint! Susan Aldon

I so much enjoyed the workshops. I came to realise that I need more "me" time.  I loved the music playing giving a relaxed environment and I think it inspired the work. Since joining the workshops I have got back to my creative hobbies which I had lost touch with. I feel I have been blessed. Susan Butler

Wonderful two hours of pure relaxation... pleasant and enjoyable. Made me realise how much I enjoy painting and just losing myself away from everyday stuff.

Very relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend these workshops. June

Enjoyable, relaxing. Enjoyed all aspects. Thanks Emma 

Such fun.  No pressure to perform and interesting to see the different outcomes from each class. Jackie.

These workshops are so valuable to express ourselves in art, especially me as I have not done much art since I was at school. Diane.

The whole course was fabulous. Such a variety of activities. I actually loved them all. Emma introduced us to fascinating techniques and media.  Emma was such a wonderful facilitator, always encouraging and ready to share her vast knowledge.  Frances 

I have gone from 'can't' to 'maybe I can!' Never having had any art experience, it has been great to try different materials. What a wonderful experience, the classes have been fun and extremely relaxing. We were given a brief at the start of each session as well as the materials to do the task.  It is the best thing I've done and I would very much like to continue. Who knows - I might be an artist yet! I would pay to attend classes. Pam Holland

Best art group I have ever attended. Don't expect teaching, but do expect to be very well looked after.

Emma is a terrific facilitator. She always gives encouragement and her enthusiasm rubs off on the class. Roy

This short course (too short!) has been revelatory for me.  I didn't realise how much enjoyment, relaxation, and creativity would be involved, and in such a supportive environment was really great. Lin

I think this has been a great project, very inspiring and a shame it has to end. Thank you so much. Janet

I think it has been very good and I am 100 years old and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kath.

Emma has a very warm and inclusive approach. She is encouraging and positive.  The workshops were incredibly well planned and organised.  The whole experience has been an enormous source of pleasure and encouragement for me to continue. Eileen.


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